You need:
– Object, for example – bottle (download)
– Your design

How to create? (download bottle mockup)

  1. Open 2 pictures on PS.
  2. Drag your design on object’s field. Notice that your design have no background
  3. Set up your design according object.
  4. Make your design a “Smart object” (Layers menu – place a mouse on your layer panel (not little window) – Right Mouse Button > Transform to smart-obejct)
  5. Transform your design for looking realistic (Edit > Transform > Choose your options)
  6. Create a layer mask. Set up black colour. Set 30% Brush opacity. Paint non-useful parts on layer mask. Also you can create a little shadows on your design with this tool

How to change image?

  1. Double click on little window of your design’s layer on your layer panel.
  2. Your design file open in new window.
  3. Place your design in.
  4. Close and Save.

So, your mockup is working now.